Jacqui Greer has 30 years’ experience as a make-up artist within the full range of disciplines including film, TV, theatre, fashion and photographic.

Jacqui trained at Greasepaint having, had a formal training within TVS (Southern Television) and has acquired a unique & very comprehensive skill-set through her ability to engage with all spectrums of the industry. She is particularly noted for her understanding of how lighting and the production environment can change the contribution made by the make-up artist.

These skills are particularly relevant with her work within the fashion and photographic arena’s. Jacqui has worked with many of the most prestigious industry names which include Armani, Pirelli, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire and spent many years working on the BBC Clothes Show.

She currently works on BBC productions, which include the BBC Proms, ballets & opera’s and has also been a regular tutor at a renowned London make-up school for many years. 

BBC Proms
Ballet Opera

Selected Film Credits

BBC Proms (TV)

Make - up & Hair Artist

Royal Opera House  - Ballets & Operas

Make-up & Hair Artist for TV

The Clothes Show (TV)

Make-up Artist


Fashion and Photographic



Hello Magazine

Marie Claire