Thursday, September 7, 2017


The Iver Academy Make-Up kit which is included in the cost of your full time course is worth £1500


It is compiled of around 250 items and has been carefully collated to give each student a bit of everything they could need when going out on a job, whether in TV, film, theatre or fashion. 


There are items of essential equipment - from SFX pro make-up, to high end beauty brands.


As you train as a MUA you learn to use palettes of colour as all artists do. A number of professional pallets are supplied in the kit to give you a range of colours that can be mixed to achieve the full colour range. The pallets are also different consistencies. You will have a grease based palette, a wax based palette, powder based palette and alcohol based palette. The different formulas are needed to create different techniques.  For example, the alcohol palette is waterproof and the wax palette can be buffed into the skin as it warms up.


A range of SFX makeup is in your kit so you can create dramatic SFX. It is a professional range and consists of scar flesh, which is an on-skin silicone, runny blood, clotting blood and scab.


Brushes, combs, grips and pins, wig caps and toupee clips are all in your kit.


There is also an exciting collection of beauty make-up. The Bobbi Brown BBU Palette has foundation concealer and corrector for every skin tone, from the palest to the darkest. There are a selection of Mac eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks giving you a great range that can be mixed to achieve a broader colour range. All of it is packed into professional on set kit bags.


The kit has been put together for each student on our full time courses so that they can go out and work even while they are still studying with us.


We also have studio product supplies which are free to use whilst you train with us.