Thursday, May 3, 2018


Louise trained at the renowned Greasepaint Make-Up school and came to tutor for two weeks of our filming project.

We grabbed a quick word -


What inspired you to become an MUA? Well I grew up with both parents in this business which initially put me off because of the long hours, but I was always creative and passionate about film making, Art and Drama. My first job having left university was as a runner on a tv drama. The make-up and hair was so amazing and towards the end of the job I realised it brought together everything I loved and I decided thats what I wanted to do. I then trained in Make-up and Hair and the rest is history.

What is the Highlight “ so far” of your career? The first time I received a screen credit for Make-up and Hair was a big highlight for me.

Most challenging part of your career The most challenging part of my career was also the most rewarding and that was my first design experience on a big job. The feeling is so different when you are answerable to everything. Any tips/advice for students/ graduates starting out in the business. My advice would be to remember you never stop learning. The moment you think you know everything is also probably the moment you will make a mistake. Never assume anything and always stay humble. You can learn from every single other artist you meet. Thats the beauty of this business, the people, the buzz and being part of a team.


Thank you Louise for inspiring our students.