Bruises and Wound Makeup During Prosthetic Course at The Iver Academy


Get to grips with the art of special effects make-up and prosthetics application with our introductory industry course. Our SFX make-up course will teach you how to create ageing techniques, realistic wounds, bruising, burns, skin diseases and scars using the most current industry materials including pro-bondo and sculpt gel. You will get hands-on experience applying silicone and gelatine wounds, and creating 3D on skin effects using silicon and prosthetics. Throughout this 2-week course, you will be able to view all your work on a monitor under studio lighting conditions, and you will be assessed on all skills, from application techniques to creativity.

In addition to the vital skills you need to create a range of different special effect looks, this course will also teach you the important industry health and safety guidelines as well as the high industry standards required by today’s media industry.

At the end of this short course, you will have learnt the basic professional techniques to successfully work as special effects make-up artist on TV, film and theatre projects. You will also have gained experience working with various industry prosthetic materials and using a variety of different character make-up techniques. This course will also help you understand the basic difference between SFX and prosthetic make-up.


Entry requirements: Must be aged 18+ 

Course Payment: A full payment is required to secure a place on this make-up course. We have several options to help fund your make-up course including interest free payment plans, bursaries and loans.

Please note that we regrettably have limited places for this course, so it is advisable to apply for your course early to avoid disappointment. If you aren't 18+ yet, you can also join our SFX Summer School for 14-17 Year Olds.


  • Character, SFX and Prosthetic Application

    This course will take place over 2 weeks.

    • Introduction to character work; ageing techniques and casualty effects
    • Health and safety for prosthetics and special effects (SFX)
    • Creation of wounds and scars using a variety of industry materials
    • Hands-on practice with pro-bondo, silicone guns and sculpt gel
    • Creation of bruising, burns and skin diseases
    • Application of silicone and gelatine wounds
    • Formation of eye swelling and black eye bruising make-up and prosthetics
    • Further techniques for creation of skin disease effects

    This course is also a part of our most Advanced Certification in Make-up and Hair Artistry

    Please note we may occasionally change advertised tutors or vary the content of the course to suit the demands of the industry.

Course Tutors

Our fantastic course tutors have a huge passion for their job, and they have amassed years of experience working with the latest products and techniques used in today’s industry. Our tutors regularly work in the TV, film and fashion industry, and you will be learning from them in the friendly, informal atmosphere of our practical, hands-on training workshops. As we’re based at Pinewood Studios, our studios are right in the heart of the UK’s film industry, so there really is no better place to immerse yourself in the craft.

All our class demonstrations are projected onto an HD screen, allowing every student to have a close-up view of the action. Students are encouraged to practice all the new techniques they learn with our tutors, who will then view & assess their finished work on an HD screen under studio lighting conditions. Our tutors will then provide constructive feedback on each completed task to help students learn and improve their skills.

View our award-winning teaching team

Fake Cuts FX makeup during special effects makeup course
Open wound makeup during SFX makeup course
Eye bruise makeup during SFX makeup course


All the tools, make-up and materials needed to complete this course will be provided during each lesson. 

Starting your professional career as a qualified special effects and prosthetic make-up artist

At The Iver Make-up Academy, you don’t just benefit from the best tutors in the industry; our placement agency helps students find real industry work experience and placements once they have finished their chosen course. Your placements will be relevant to the skills you have learned. This is a free service that is available to all graduates of our courses.

Visit our aftercare page for more information on the ways we can help students find vital hands-on industry experience.


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Learn how to create and apply wounds, burns, scars, ageing and many other special effects for film and TV in our introduction to special effects make-up and prosthetics course.

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