Hair and Make-Up Designer Jacqueline Fowler

Thursday, December 07, 2017

A BAFTA and RTS award winner for her work on ‘Crimson Petal’ and BAFTA-nominated for her work on ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ & ‘Red Riding 1974’, Jacqueline also won an RTS award for her work on the BBC’s ratings-buster ‘Poldark’ in 2015.

Jacquie came to The Iver Make-Up Academy for our filming project week to help the students prep their actors and help out on set.

Jacquie started out in a hairdressing salon but needing a change, moved into make-up. 

“It’s just constant learning and creativity and you get to meet so many talented people.  You should always be open to learning and stay up to date with new products.  Practice as much as possible and learn to work as a team so that you can bounce off each other.

It’s getting so much more exciting out there and the products are getting better.  Scripts are plentiful and more diverse.  I feel privileged to have met and worked with some amazing and talented people.

Jacquie was an enormous help to the students and happy to share her immense knowledge of the industry.  We look forward to welcoming her back to The Iver Make-Up Academy.