Sidra Aladib

Sidra Aladib

I have graduated from The Iver Makeup Academy as a trainee in hairdressing and makeup having completed the 30 weeks course. I am very enthusiastic about all that I have studied and learnt. I am hardworking, conscientious, patient, and a good teamplayer. I communicate with people well but also confident in working on my own and making decisions. I am based in London, however happy to travel for work. I am keen to pursue my career and strive to always do my best with any given task.

Work Experience

Hair & Beauty Salon – Harrods, Knightsbridge.
Salon Assisstant, Full time | 11th Dec 2023 – Present

Private Client – London, Property in Cumbrian Gardens. Haircutting | 8th Nov 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Butterfly Medium Haircut and a light straight fringe cut near to the eyebrows for a 40’s lady in 1 hour with blow dry.

Private Client – London, Property in Pennine Drive. Haircutting | 7th Nov 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Above-the-shoulder straight haircut with slicing cut to give texture and a straight fringe cut near to the eyebrows for a 40’s lady in 40 minutes with blow dry. (2) A front face textured haircut with short back haircut for a 3 years old child in 15 minutes.

Photographer, Samuel McMahon – SW London, Wow Workspace
Photoshoot, Makeup & Hair | 4th Nov 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) A messy hair look using hair products and a red/orange runaway eye makeup for a 30’s Gentleman in 30 minutes for 2 hours job.

Director of Outreach, Dara McGarry – Central London, 26 Chancery Lane Halloween Party, Face Painting | 2nd Nov 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) facepainting → The day of the dead, zombie, joker, spider/webs, pumpkins, etc for 25 people (40’s, 30’s, 10’s) in 3 hours.

Director, Roxana Stroe – Beaconsfield, NFTS Beam Me Up Film, Makeup & Hair | 23rd – 26th Oct 2023
Responsibilities Included: 1980’s hairstyle and makeup for main characters and extras ( Ladies & Gentlemen ) with varieties of skin tone and hair type.

Director, Mykea F. Perry – SW London, Broadstone House GoodBye Mama Film, Makeup & Hair | 11th – 14th Oct 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Depressed, Uneven Skin for adult main character and two dutch braids. Beauty hair and makeup for the social worker character. Twists braids and ponytail for the child main character.

Director, Sofia Ugalde – London, London Film Academy Screw Loose Film, Makeup & Hair | 5th Oct 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) A beautiful style gentleman for his date and a remark of a real screw at his nape. A beautiful makeup and hairstyle for a lady and a real screw sticking to her nape using a base of a silicone A and B then sticking the screw using a strong glue.

Hair Stylist, Christian Orlando – Swiss Chapel Soho, 79 Endell St Showcase, Hair Assistant | 19th Sept 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Dutch Braiding all types of Afro Hair

Director, Sacha/Irene – Ealing Studios, MetFilm Scl The Dark Eyes of the Firefly Film, Makeup & Hair | 16 – 17th Sep 2023
Responsibilities Included: TV presenters, french makeup and hair. French Manager makeup and hair in 2 hours

Private Client, London Property in Pennine Drive Haircutting | 15th Aug 2023
Responsibilities included: Short back and side for an 80’s woman in one hour

Beauty Director, Cinta London – Slough, Pinewood IMA Fashion Photoshoot, Makeup & Hair | 31st May – 2nd Jun 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) fashion makeup and hair for varieties of skin tone and hair type. Beachy waves, Hollywood Waves, Clean Skin, Tan Skin, etc.

Private Client – London, Cumbrian Gardens Wedding Guest Hairstyling | 24th Jun 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Hollywood waves for a 50’s lady in one hour

Private Client – London, Cumbrian Gardens Prom Makeup | 22nd Jun 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) Full Glam Makeup, and focusing on strong bright eye makeup for a Year 11 Student on her Prom Event

Private Client – London, Cumbrian Gardens Haircutting & Barbering | 20th Jun 2023
Responsibilities Included: (1) short back and side for men and round layers for women with varieties of hair type.

Fashion Designer, Sun Eileen – London, UAL Central Saint Martins Photoshoot, Hair | 15th Apr 2023
Responsibilities Included: braids, hair up, slicked back


2023 (Jan – Aug): The Iver Makeup Academy Advanced Certificate In Makeup And Hair Artistry
2021 – 22 (Sep – Apr): Queen Mary University London – Biochemistry Degree Certificate
2019 – 21 (Sep – Jun): Christs College Finchley – Three A Levels – Maths/Chemistry/Biology
2006 – 19 (Sep – May): Dar Jana International School in Saudi Arabia – American Curriculum : Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English and Arabic language, Islamic religion, Social Studies in Arabic and English language, Geography, and Computing

Years of Experience

  • Make-Up Less than a year
  • Hair Dressing 1 year
  • SFX Less than a year
  • Prosthetics Less than a year
  • Colourist Less than a year
  • Barbering 1 year
  • Wig Dressing Less than a year
  • Knotting Less than a year
  • Airbrushing Less than a year
  • Body Art Less than a year
  • Other Bald caps, apply wigs/backpieces/toupee


  • IT Skills - Proficient using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, ChemDraw. - Competence and excellent awareness of uses, risks, and hazards of chemicals and laboratory apparatus during the lab. - Able to use the spectrometer and melting point measuring device.
  • Languages Fluent in spoken and written Arabic and English
  • Areas can work in I am happy to travel in and out of the uk. Live in London
  • Driver License -
  • References Iveracademy: Elizabeth Tagg-Wooster, Tamsin Barbosa, Christine Vidler, Joceline Andrews