Tillie Robinson-Smith

Tillie Robinson-Smith

I am a trainee makeup artist. I turned something that I found terrifying into something I love. I was always looking away at gory scenes in movies and missing half the plot. I decided to investigate the various techniques and found I really enjoyed it. From then on, I wanted to carry on learning. I love every type of makeup and feel like an illusionist when I use either beauty or sfx makeup on models or actors. I adore history and find it fascinating researching into period pieces and learning new information at the same time.

Work Experience

‘LUMIERE’ – FILM (April 2022)
Daily Crowd Hair and Makeup Trainee Crowd Supervisor – Andrea Finch

‘DUST BUNNY’ – FILM (August – November 2021) Daily Crowd Hair and Makeup Trainee
Crowd Supervisor – Renata Gilbert

‘DOON BUG’ – Amazon Show (July, September 2021) Daily Crowd Hair and Makeup Trainee
Crowd Supervisor – Charmaine Fuller

MATILDA – FILM (July 2021) Crowd Trainee Makeup Artist Crowd Supervisor – Laura Blount

CALL MY AGENT! – SERIES (June 2021) Main Team Junior.
Makeup Designer – Sue Micheal
Makeup Supervisor – Sally Tynan

Daily Crowd Makeup Trainee.
Crowd Supervisor – Nikita Rae

Trainee Makeup Artist.
Makeup Designer – Sofi Keenan
Co-Makeup Designer – Liz Arkle Makeup Artist – Jackie Saundercock

Dragged Up (5th-10th October 2020)
A Drag Kings story. Makeup Artist with Gemma Lokat-Smith Director – Laura Jayne Tunbridge

Studio Assisting (28th – 30th October 2020)
Studio Asssisting at the Iver Makeup Academy for part of the week, getting hot drinks, cleaning wigs, setting hair and helping to prep the class rooms.

Weekend Assisting Iver Makeup Academy (17th-18th October 2020) Organising equipment and products and modeling for new students to practice on.
Sanitising and cleaning studios after each day.

SFX Makeup Artist – ‘The Visit’ (15th – 20th September 2020, 10th December 2020)
Short Film. NFTS. Machete scar. Cut to the throat.

Lead Makeup Artist – ‘Pressure’ (31st August – 11th September 2020)
Short film. NFTS. Pressure on Athlete. Underwater.
Director – Tamas Fekete

Lead Makeup Artist – ‘M’ (4th-13th August 2020)
Short Film. NFTS. Period hair and makeup with self harm scars Director – Luis Zeferino

Makeup Assistant – ‘Ugly World’ Music Video. (17th-18th July 2020) Night shoot. Werewolf Prosthetics.
Makeup Designer – Natasha Lawes.
Prosthetics Artist – Stefanie Kemp.

Supervising Makeup Artist – ‘Don’t Panic’ (20th June 2020) Tinnitus Commercial. Director – Tom Davis

Supervising Makeup Artist – ‘Doctor’ (18th June 2020) Tinnitus Commercial. Director – Tom Clover

Supervising Makeup Artist – ‘This is My Silence’ (12th June 2020) Tinnitus Commercial. Director – Zeynep

Makeup Assistant – ‘Bad Friend’ and ‘XS’ (16th March and 17th March 2020)
Rina Sawayama Music Videos. Makeup Artist – Natasha Lawes. Featuring prosthetics.

Makeup Artist – ‘The Surgeon’ (24th February, 2nd 9th March 2020) Feature Film. Lead Makeup for the days on shoot.
Director – Becky Sharpe

Makeup Artist – ‘Ringo!’ (18th- 21st February 2020) Short Film of a Christmas Musical.
Director – Emma Jane Gilbertson

Lead Makeup Artist – ‘Waves’ (16th February 2020) Short Film. Based in Cornwall on Surfers Lives. Director – Margarita Milne

Makeup Artist – ‘Retreat’ (10- 13th February 2020)
Short Film. Psychological Thriller about a revenge retreat. Director – Marcus Anthony Thomas

Lead Makeup Artist – Class S (26th January- 6nd February 2020) Short film. Students deterioration, deals with University and Drugs. Director – Darryl

Makeup Artist ‘Roald Dahl’ Commercial (11th January 2020) Director – Tom Eagar

Makeup Artist- ‘Roald Dahl’ Commercial (9th January 2020) Director- Arnold Vosvey

Makeup Artist–‘A Marvelous Life’ Commercial (16th December 2019)
Director- Jacob Brookman

Makeup Artist – ‘We’ve been here before’ (5th December 2019) Burlesque set in the 1940’s. Two main actresses. Assisting with hair as well.
Director – Omar Haggag

Makeup and Hair Artist – Christmas Pantomime (2nd December 2019)
Over the top colourful pantomime makeup plus wig wrapping and wigs.

Makeup Artist – Photo shoot (18th December 2019) A Christmas drag photo shoot for the holidays.

Makeup Artist – Documentary (10th November 2019)
3 SAs that have always been SAs, that have never had their dream roles and we’re going to create them.
Director – Sorina Reiber

Make-Up Artist – ‘Magic Climate’ (3rd November 2019)
Charity Film for climate change, filmed in a theatre with theatre makeup. Cast and Crew comprised of stunt men.
Director – Carly Michaels

Lead Makeup Artist – ‘Voice of an Other’ (21st October 2019) Short film, featuring drag makeup.
Director – Jasper Jones

Makeup Artist/Assistant to Lead – ‘Black and Blue Heaven’ (17th October – 20th October 2019)
A short film for NFTS. Fight breaks out in a band.
Director – James Alexandrou

Lead Makeup Artist/Designer – ‘As Seen’ (14th-17th October 2019) A short Film for an NFTS. Downward spiral of a commercial actor. Director – Luis Zeferino

Makeup Artist/Assistant to Lead – ‘Birthday’ (10th October- 11th October 2019)
Night Shoot, 6pm-6am for an NFTS short film.
Director – Margarita Milne

Lead Makeup Artist/Designer – ‘What The Eye Don’t See’ (29th September-3rd October 2019)
A short film for an NFTS. Young boy sees secrets in his family. Director – Tamas Fekete

Makeup Artist/Assistant to Lead – ‘Mute Milton’ (24th – 27th September 2019)
A short film for the NFTS. About the difference in social class. Director –Lisa Clarkson

Event – Makeup (20th July 2019)
Privet client had 6 artists and there were 3 makeup artists. The event was a boho vibe, where we plaited, curled and styled the hair.

Trainee (Work Experience) – Black Widow (8th July 2019) Feature Film. I helped out with cutting tattoos and locating the tattoos.
I did the same with collecting supplies if they were needed. Crowd Supervisor – Zoe Brown


The Iver Makeup Academy – Pinewood Studios
(7th January – 9th August 2019)
Foundation in Hair and Makeup Artistry
– Art University Bournemouth (3rd September 2017 -1st June 2018)

Years of Experience

  • Hair Dressing 1 year
  • SFX 1 year
  • Prosthetics 1 year
  • Wig Dressing Less than a year


  • Areas can work in Film, TV, Fashion and Theatre
  • Driver License Full Drivers License
  • References Liz Tagg