Q&A with Alesha Ledeatte-Williams

Alesha’s Quick Stats

Course: Full-time Advanced Certificate in Makeup and Hair Artistry
Favourite project so far: Sex Education season 3
Dream project to work on: Would love to work with Steve McQueen and Barry Jenkins

What first made you want to begin working in this industry? When was that, and how old were you?

I first began working in this part of the industry at 32 years old. Prior to that I spent almost 3 years working at MAC and as a freelance makeup artist. I wanted to work in the industry to have more stable long-term work and to stretch my skill set.

How did you find out about the Iver Academy and why did you decide to join?

I found out about Iver through my own research. I won a scholarship from bafta and it was the only institution that was eligible to receive the funding at the time. Iver had one of the most comprehensive courses available and the experience of the staff was a huge attraction for me.

What was your experience like studying with the Iver Academy?

I don’t think I’ve ever applied myself so diligently to any education in the course of my life so far.

What was your favourite element/subject throughout your studies?

I loved it all. Even the things I wasn’t very good at.

Favourite moment whilst studying at Iver?

When I discovered that the foam latex we used in class was from the ACTUAL BAND OF BROTHERS! Liz kindly signed a piece and I shall be bequeathing it to any offspring I acquire.

What releases have you worked on since graduating?

Sadly, since the pandemic is an enemy of progress, Everything I’ve worked on is yet to be released, but here is a list of productions I’ve been fortunate to be a part of:

  • No Time to Die – James Bond
  • Cinderella
  • Sex Education Season 3
  • Landscapers

As well as dailies on:

  • Venom 2
  • Batman

What has been the favourite film/tv programme/project that you have worked on so far?

Hands down, Sex Education season 3

What has been the most challenging project?

James Bond – The team were hard to work with and it was straight after school where I’d been working and studying simultaneously, I’ve never been so tired in my life.

What aspirations do you have in terms of future projects?

I just want to continue to grow my skillset as best I can and to grow as an artist.

How has the industry and your role been affected by the impact of COVID? How hard have you been this period? And what changes could you envisage to the industry long-term, if any?

I’ve been very fortunate to be in a position where I’ve had to turn down work during the pandemic. In exchange I do my best to pass others names on where I am unavailable.

What is your favourite film in terms of the make-up and effects and why?

I like many films for hair and makeup sadly. I can’t really choose. Although, I really like Pan’s Labrynth, The Duchess and recently Underground Railroad.

Who would you most like to work with/for i.e. actors and directors?

I’d love to work with Steve McQueen and Barry Jenkins.

Principal Liz Tagg talks more about Alesha’s time at Iver Makeup Academy and her incredible career since she graduated. Learn more here.

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