Behind the Brushes: Journey of Fashion Makeup Artist Cinta London

As a makeup artist working in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of fashion, you possess an extraordinary skill set that combines artistic talent, technical precision, and a keen eye for detail. Your role is to enhance the natural beauty of models and bring the visions of fashion designers and photographers to life. 

 Fashion shows, editorial shoots, and high-profile events become your stage, where you work alongside a dynamic team of creative professionals, including designers, hairstylists, and photographers. Together, you collaborate to create captivating and trendsetting looks that attract audiences and leave an indelible mark on the industry. 

 Cinta London, one of IMA’s academic consultants, has worked with many designers & celebrities within the world of fashion! We asked Cinta some questions about her work within Fashion and her path into the industry.   

What first made you want to begin working in this industry? When was that, and how old were you?  

I grew up in an era where the 90s supermodels were such icons and people Gianni Versace and Tom Ford were making waves. I loved Fashion and had such a creative background. I knew I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry, but I didn’t want to ‘make’ clothes. I loved doing my own make up and following trends in magazines. After a stint in Fashion College, I found my calling when I worked backstage at a show and saw the Hair and Make Up teams.  I used to have my hair cut at Toni & Guy academy and I loved the vibe. When I saw the teams backstage, I knew I wanted be part of that world. 

How did you find out about the Iver Academy? 

I used to always see an advert in The Stage Newspaper and in the back of Vogue when I was younger to apply for Greasepaint which was The Iver Makeup Academy’s former name before it unfortunately closed. It was a goal to try and apply but I ended up training via assisting however through connections, I was welcomed to teach here at IMA.  

What courses did you do? 

I did a BTEC National Diploma in Fashion and then I did a Level 3 in Hair at Toni and Guy. I assisted the WHOLE time and gained so much experience. 

What was your experience like teaching with the Iver Academy? 

I love being able to be part of developing the new generation in this industry. It’s great to be part of a school that is responsible for so much talent. 

What was your favourite element/subject throughout your studies? 

I really enjoy Editorial Clean Glossy skin and I really love the creative direction skills I have developed further into my career to help bring visuals to life. I really enjoy the never-ending world of creativity. 

Favourite moment in your career? 

So many but working with people like Kate Moss was a high as well as designing and creating key looks for pop stars and seeing my work in Time Square billboards. 

What has been the favourite film/tv programme/project/production that you have worked on so far? 

Being a make-up artist that predominantly works in fashion and music. The video and films I do are mainly Music related. I have worked on every single Tom Grennan video and recently had some great fun creating a complete UV look with McFly.  

What has been the most challenging project? 

I once arrived in LA for a music video but unfortunately my kit did not follow. I had to try and muster up a kit from bits in Target and my friends make up kit. It was a very stressful 24hrs. My kit arrived at the end of the shoot. Typical. 

What aspirations do you have in terms of future projects? 

To launch my own line. I created 2 CintaLondon Make Up Pro Palettes last year but now I want to do the full line! 

What is your favourite thing about working in the industry that you do? 

The fun I have is like no other. I have made my best friends through work and travelled the world. But I love the fact the perks like being able to go to festivals really are brilliant and of course I am always backstage. 


What is a staple product for your kit? 

Egyptian Magic Cream and always Triple Threat Mascara and Skin Tints from Iconic London. 

What is your favourite makeup brand and why? 

I really love Iconic London as it just makes everyone look great and is so easy to use. Every time I use Iconic London on someone, they want to buy whatever product I used which is a good sign. I also really enjoy Armani Foundations and Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin mixed with Iconic Illuminator! (A trick I learnt from Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist) 

 Who would you most like to work with celebrity wise? 


Favourite celebrity you’ve worked with and why? 

Sarah Jessica Parker because I am just such a fan and Anne Marie as we had the most fun on tour together. 

What is your favourite fashion genre in a professional sense and why? Why do you enjoy working in this genre? 

I love hair to be honest as you can really create so much in the area from texture to colour.  

In conclusion, being a makeup artist in the fashion industry is an extraordinary and rewarding journey that combines artistry, creativity, and an innate understanding of beauty. It is a profession that allows you to express your passion, push boundaries, and be part of a captivating world where trends are born. 

Cinta has recently just finished teaching the Fashion and Beauty Makeup & Hair Artistry Module here at The Iver Makeup Academy.  The students really pushed themselves to create some really unique and creative designs.

See yourself following a similar path? Take a look at our courses and attend our next open day to have the opportunity to be taught by Cinta herself. You can even send us an email if you have any questions in the mean-time.