Dramatic character make-up applied to a model by a student from The Iver Academy


Enrol on our brand new full time intensive Intermediate Make-up & Hair Artistry course and discover where your passions lie within the make-up and hair industry. Gain experience in make-up, hair styling, prosthetics, airbrushing and hairdressing to help you on your chosen career path within the film, TV, theatre and fashion industries. 

From character make-up and gory prosthetic wounds, to body painting and catwalk looks, you’ll learn all the professional skills you need to build a career in the industry. Throughout this 21 week course you’ll be assessed on all skills, from application techniques to creative period looks and project timings. The Intermediate Make-up & Hair Artistry course is priced lower than the Advanced course as it does not include the Advanced Hair Artistry module, Advanced Barbering or the Industry Ready module and is therefore of a shorter duration.

Our course tutors are extremely passionate about their industry, and you will learn from their endless knowledge. They have many years’ experience working on some of the best known films and TV productions in recent years. They will introduce you to the latest products and techniques that are relevant to today’s industry, so you can be sure you will be learning from the best.

At the end of your 21 weeks, you will possess the professional skills required to start your career in the media make-up industry. You will know how to work from a brief, break down a script, follow continuity and organise a crowd call. Design and make prosthetics and special effects, create beauty and period make-up and hair looks, work with wigs and facial hair and be proficient with an airbrush. 

Holidays of one to four weeks will be scheduled during your course at appropriate times and, therefore, the duration of your time with us will last from 22 to 25 weeks.

Entry requirements: Must be aged 18+ and pass an interview. You don’t need to have any previous make-up experience as the course starts with the basics and builds from these skills. All we ask is that you have a certain level of artistic ability and a passion and dedication to learn. 

Course Payment: A 20% deposit is required to secure a place on this make-up course with the full balance due 6 weeks prior to the course start date. We have several options to help fund your make-up course including interest free payment plans, bursaries and loans.

Please note that we regrettably have limited places for this course, so it is advisable to apply for your course early to avoid disappointment!


  • TV and media make-up and hair

    When you arrive at The Iver Make-up Academy, you’ll have an introduction session to meet our tutors and other students, along with a demonstration of your new make-up kit (provided). You’ll also be briefed on basic health and safety procedures. A further introduction session on media make-up will help you become familiarised with the products that will be used throughout the course.

    In the first 3 weeks, you’ll master make-up techniques for applying foundation, corrector, concealer, blush, eye make-up, along with lips and lashes. Understanding facial anatomy is a key part to creating great looks and you’ll be taught how to work with it as part of this module. You’ll also learn how to assess skin colour and age to determine the best techniques to use when working with a range of skin types.

    For the hair styling section of this module, you will gain practical experience in putting together complete looks for TV presenters, red carpet and bridal occasions. You’ll do this following lessons in the use of hair products and tools such as heated rollers and straighteners. Giving you a well-rounded guide to TV and film hair, you’ll also get to experience working with hair pieces and extensions and learn how to create complete male grooming looks.

    For more information see our Media Make-up and Hair course.

  • Facial hair application

    By the end of this week-long module, you’ll have a good understanding of the skills and techniques used in the TV and film industry to create characters with facial hair looks. This comprises of applying postiche including sideburns, moustache and full beard pieces, as well as, stubble and laying on hair. Also, cleaning methods will be taught, so you know how to fully care for the hair pieces.

    For more information see our Facial Hair course.

  • Character, SFX and prosthetic application

    Module 3 is an introduction to character work using special effects and prosthetic make-up, which is built on later in this make-up artist course during the Further Prosthetics module. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the health and safety procedures that are vital when working with prosthetics.

    After this, you’ll be able to get hands-on experience creating casualty effects such as burns and skin diseases using pro-bondo, silicone guns and sculpt gel, as well as applying gelatine wounds. Special effects such as ageing techniques for character looks are also covered as part of this module.

    For more information see our Character, SFX and Prosthetic Application course.

  • Period make-up, hair and wig work

    At this half-way point in the course, individual assessments will take place to track your progress so far.

    As part of this 3-week module, you will be taught about the technical workings of wigs and hair pieces, including the application of switches, clusters, wefts, wigs and toupees. You’ll also learn how to care for these by blocking and washing the wigs and hair pieces. Basic research techniques for period work and historical looks will help to give you a taste of what it is like to work in the film and TV industry.

    You will then put this knowledge into practice through a series of projects focusing on different eras by creating complete hair and make-up looks from the 1920s, 40s and 60s. The Edwardian and Victorian eras are also studied during this part of the course, and you’ll have a chance to create ringlets and waves using hot rod and dowelling techniques.

    For more information see our Period Make-up, Hair and Wig Work course.

  • Airbrushing and Body Make-up


    Airbrushing is a  popular technique for makeup application in TV light entertainment  and film special effects. To develop this important skill, you’ll get a detailed demonstration of equipment use, cleaning and maintenance and safety procedures along with how to deal with malfunctions. You will gain practical experience in airbrushing cosmetic makeup for different skin tones as well as tattoo cover and temporary hair colouring. You will also create body art and have an opportunity to try out the techniques you learn in our practical sessions. You’ll create great looks using the entire body as your canvas.

    This is a brand new module starting in September 2019. 

    For more information see our Body Make-up course.

  • Theatre and performing arts

    The theatre and performing arts module takes place over 1 week and focuses on the up-to-date techniques used in the industry. The performance art workshop in this module will give you an authentic experience of what it is like to work in the industry, with hands-on projects to practice the skills and techniques you are taught.

    You will also learn methods for creating the best theatrical, theatrical looks such as ageing characters, wig work and blocking out eyebrows.

    For more information see our Theatre and Performing Arts Make-up course.

  • Putting it all together and timed work

    Module 7 takes place over 1 week and focuses on what it’s like to work in the industry. You will get first-hand experience of the etiquette and pressures of working on TV and film sets through a crowd room simulation. You’ll also complete projects such as a timed character look and application of facial hair to get a feel for the time restrictions placed upon professional make-up artists.During this week you will learn have an introduction into how to break down script

    To get you even more prepared for a career in the industry, you’ll be taught about continuity and script breakdown processes and build on your portfolio of work to showcase your talents.

    For more information see our Timed Projects course.

  • Hairdressing and barbering

    During this 2-week module, you’ll learn the basics of haircutting and styling starting with health and safety procedures and an introduction to the products that will be used. You’ll then get to learn and try out trimming long hair, cutting bobs and creating layers on practice heads. As well as these techniques, you’ll be taught methods for creating men’s texture cut, short back and sides and beard trimming.

    For more information see our Haircutting and Barbering course.

  • Prosthetics

    Our Prosthetic Module  runs over 3 weeks and builds on the skills learned in the earlier Character SFX and Prosthetics Application module. You’ll get a chance to learn advanced techniques for casting, moulding and sculpting using silicone and gelatine. You can also practice life casting the full head and face using alginate and silicone materials and how to mould casts.

    This intense 3-week module is bought to you by industry professionals and guides you through the fundamentals of life casting, sculpting, mould making and application needed to create bespoke facial prosthetics.

    For more information see our Further Prosthetics course.

  • Bald Caps and Plastic Partings

    Learn to create the perfect bald head using vinyl bald caps along with creating a natural head of hair using wigs with plastic partings.

    You will learn how to apply a vinyl bald cap and colour it to match the models skin tone. Techniques in how to wrap  hair to create a perfectly smooth base ,methods of glueing,matching skin tones and textures and troubleshooting.

    Students will master the handling and care of film quality wigs. Wrap hair under wigs to keep a perfect head shape,make and apply cap plastic partings and apply the wig to create a natural head of hair. This method will ensure you are equipped for the high standards required to work in the televison and film industry.

    These slight changes of module order are starting from September 2019.

  • Advanced beauty and fashion make-up and hair

    This module takes place over 3 weeks. 

    • Working within the fashion industry 
    • Make-up for all skin tones 
    • Correcting, concealing and base techniques 
    • Perfecting complexions 
    • Into to Afro-Caribbean hair 
    • Natural make-up 
    • Eye make-up including natural and heavy eyes, smoky and winged eye looks 
    • Shimmer, cream blushers and lip mix 
    • Editorial looks 
    • Male model make-up and hair 
    • Modern vintage make-up and hair 
    • Front cover looks 
    • Catwalk high ponytail – various styles with quiffs and rolls 
    • Application of hairpieces 
    • Session hair styling for fashion shows and e-commerce

    Culminating in 2 days of professional photography with models.

    For more information see our Fashion & Beauty Make-Up & Hair Artistry course.

Course Tutors

The teaching team here at The Iver Make-up Academy are all highly regarded industry professionals. When they are not on a film set or at a photoshoot they will be teaching you their craft. They are passionate about the next generation of make-up and hair artists learning the most up to date techniques. As we are based at Pinewood studios, we are right in the heart of the British Film Industry, so you are surrounded by productions. There is no better place to train to become a make-up artist.

The teaching day will commence at 10 am with a demonstration by the tutors. The work is projected onto a large HD screen so all students have a clear close-up view of the action. The students will then repeat the exercise under the supervision and the finished results will be viewed on an HD screen under studio lighting conditions. The tutors will give constructive feedback on every session. This enables the students to improve on a daily basis.

View our award-winning teaching team


A professional make-up and hair kit is included within the price of the course, for students to keep once they have graduated. This is worth over £2,000 and includes products and tools from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Bluebird, Airbase and Kryolan. We have a large selection of wigs, facial hair and SFX materials that will be made available to you for use in our studios.


Starting your professional career as a qualified make-up & hair artist

At The Iver Make-up Academy, you don’t just benefit from the best tutors in the industry; our placement agency helps students find real industry work experience and placements once they have finished their chosen course. Your placements will be relevant to the skills you have learned. This is a free service that is available to all graduates of our courses.

Visit our aftercare page for more information on the ways we can help students find vital hands-on industry experience.

21 weeks tuition

Our intermediate training course for HDTV, film, theatre, fashion, and prosthetics make-up and hair.

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