Emelia Corfe

In the last 5 months I have transitioned into a Junior role, apart from the fact that I’m having a great amount of fun doing the job, I’m grateful to be continuously learning. After graduating the Iver Academy, I started in a Crowd room for Film, then proceeded to do a long TV job on Main team. Since then, I’ve spent roughly the same amount of time on a Main team as I have in a Crowd room. I find both have their own challenges, but both have great learning opportunities. If it’s being up to our knees in mud in the middle of field flicking more mud on SA’s faces, taking the time to try and perfect a wig for the early call the next morning, or up a ladder trying to dab an actors face who simply does not want you there, we love our jobs. I would say I’m easily adaptable, love travelling, will jump into anything, I learn fairly fast, I enjoy organising things, good at making tea & coffee, great at cakes, sometimes I think I’m funnier than I actually am and most of all I love being creative in hair or makeup, both have endless possibilities that really help shape a character, doing both is a pleasure. If I had to pick one favourite style or look from each, it would be finger-waving/Marcel tonging and dirtying down makeup (and maybe hand drawing tattoos). I look forward to all experiences in the career ahead.

Work Experience

As a Junior:

-The Nethers (crowd: Charmaine Fuller)
-Eurovision Film (crowd: Nikita Rae/Tracey Smith)
-Tom & Jerry (crowd: Laura Solari)
-Black Narcissus (crowd: Emmy Beech)
-James Bond (crowd: Andrea Cracknell)
-Little Mermaid- Ursula makeup test (Peter King)
-Batman (crowd: Nikita Rae)

As a Trainee:

-Mamma Mia 2 (crowd: Nikita Rae)
-Bohemian Rhapsody (crowd: Renata Gilbert)
-Les Misérables BBC (main team: Jacqueline Fowler)
-Men in Black (crowd: Spob O’Brien/Nikita Rae)
-You should have left (Main team: Polly Earnshaw)
-Bud-light Beer Advert (Spob O’Brien)
-Kingsman 3 (2nd Unit Main Team: Jules Wilson)
-The Witches (crowd: Nikita Rae/Tracey Smith)

Before this:
I have done a few short films, bar work, waitressing and been a temp in office jobs.


• Baccalauréat Pro. : 3 years of Beauty & Cosmetology in Perpignan, France. (2013-2016)

• Advanced Certificate in Makeup & Hair Artistry: 30 weeks at The Iver Academy, Pinewood Studios. (2017)

Years of Experience

  • Hair Dressing 2 years
  • SFX 2 years
  • Prosthetics Less than a year
  • Barbering 1 year
  • Wig Dressing 1 year
  • Knotting Less than a year
  • Airbrushing 2 years
  • Body Art 2 years


  • IT Skills 3 years experience
  • Languages French
  • Driver License Full UK Driving Licence