Mona Turnbull

Face/Body Painting Makeup Artist/ Tutor

Mona Turnbull’s view of life is through the prism of her artist’s eye. With a background including a BA in Business & Advertising Management, work as an administrator at Oxford University plus various other roles, she is always drawn back to the world of colour.  Now running  face and body painting, creative make up and art business, she lives in Oxford, UK with her husband and two children.

She has undertaken art study with some of the best in the business and now also runs her own workshops from her studio and for various makeup schools. Mona’s enthusiasm and sparkling personality make her a sought after artist and regular demonstration painter at events such as IMAT’s London and for entities such as Kryolan UK, ScreenFace London and Makeup Atelier Paris.  She is also a tutor at Iver Academy, Pinewood Studios.

Photographing her face and body painting work is a growing skill but anything that can loosely be corralled in the decorative arts sphere is of interest – flowers and fine art effects are popular subject choices.  Some of her work were recently featured in a TV series Outlander and on billboard on M5 near Birmingham and M4 London.

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