Tutor Lisa Pickering

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lisa Pickering is a renowned hair and make up artist who trained at the BBC and has worked in both film and television over many years.


Lisa came to Iver Make Up Academy to tutor our students and we posed some questions to her.


How did you start?

I was a trained hairdresser and then was lucky enough to get into the BBC to train as a make up artist.


Best thing about it?

The variety of work I have been able to do over the years.  The creativity is great and the chance to travel has been amazing.


Who have you worked with?

Judy Dench,  Henry Cavill, Keira Knightly, Timothy Spall.


Toughest challenge?

Each job is different, so the challenge is always different.


Any tips/advice?

Be prepared for long hours and hard work.


The future in the industry?

The digital age has changed the industry to a large degree in recent years, and we have to be very aware of the detail in make up hair.


Click on the link below to see Lisa’s work.

Meet the Author
Liz Tagg


A highly talented and award-winning makeup artist, Liz has over 30 years of experience working in the film and television industry. A professionally trained makeup artist and hair designer, Liz’s career highlights include BAFTA and Emmy award nominations, as well as a recurring position as a member of the BAFTA jury.

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