Our highly respected award-winning teaching team have all been working in the media make-up industry for many years and are renowned for their teaching skills.

Liz Tagg
Principal Liz Tagg-Wooster
Tamsin Barbosa
Vice Principal Tamsin Barbosa
Christine Vidler
Academic Consultant Christine Vidler
Shaunna Harrison
Academic Consultant Shaunna Harrison
Renata Gilbert
Academic Consultant Renata Gilbert
Joceline Andrews
Academic Consultant Joceline Andrews
Jane Maier
Tutor Jane Maier
Stuart Bray
Tutor Stuart Bray
Rob Whitehead
Tutor Rob Whitehead
Chrissie Baker
Tutor Chrissie Baker
Alex Volpe
Tutor Alex Volpe
Moira Thomson
Tutor Moira Thomson
Nik Buck Make-up Artist
Make-up Artist Nicola Buck
Jeremy Woodhead Make-up Artist
Make-up and Hair designer Jeremy Woodhead
Arianne Poole
Make-up Artist Ariane Poole
Louise Luxton Make-up Artist
Make-up and Hair artist Louise Luxton
Jaqueline Fowler
Make-up and Hair Designer Jacqueline Fowler